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OziBattler belts out grungy punk songs that sounds like the Offspring jamming with The Ramones in a dingy dive bar poking fun at the absurdity of life


Who is OziBattler?

OziBattler worked in the studios of Sydney, Australia, during the era of flannel and grunge, when music was sold on CD’s, and recording was done on tape. Then Napster happened and life as a musician meant starving and living on the street… So, he cut his hair and got a real job!


Two decades later, on the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, COVID hit and OziBattler discovered home recording had come a long way from the 4-track tape machines, so he started recording his own songs again.


Now joined by the Happy Gnome (Scott) on guitar and the Beat Monkey (Ando) on drums, the power-trio have worked up the third EP in 2 years and have started gigging in April, 2024.

The Music

All OziBattler music is FCC Radio Friendly (yes, even WTF!)

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Tainted Love

Release Date April. 19, 2023


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Subjects For Polite Conversation

Release Date Oct. 13, 2023

1 - Your Way

2 - August Storm

3 - Circle Round

4 - Darwin

5 - My Love For You

OziBattler - Hear Me Cover -500px.png

Hear Me (EP)

Release Date July 22, 2022

1 - Hear Me

2 - Stop Again

3 - Tide

4 - 22 Long Hours

5 - WTF

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JAN 2022 (EP)

Release Date Jan 26, 2022 (Australia Day)

1 - Positive

2 - Schadenfreude

3 - Let It Go

4 - InBetween Days (Cure cover)


Image Gallery

Bio and Press

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Nov 2023 - Darwin
Pounding like battle drums on pavement, the track propels forward, navigating a storm with a captivating angular riff that adds a distinct coolness to the mix. The engaging vocals seamlessly shift between theatrical flair and full-on pub punk energy, adding dynamic layers to the sonic narrative. The music serves as a robust foundation, allowing the lyrics to shine with impactful commentary on those grappling with a tumultuous relationship with the future and reality itself. Science for the win, 


Aug. 2022 - Tide

The verses keep the energy fairly low only to explode into an anthemic chorus with big distorted guitar chords and half time drums. The song features a ripping guitar solo in the back half and a very pleasant fingerpicked guitar part on the verses."

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