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I will mix most projects for around US$300 per song for a final mix, and an additional $100 for distribution and streaming masters. EP's, albums, and other projects are negotiable. I may charge more for some projects that require more work (like a 15 minute opus with a symphony orchestra during the chorus...), and may charge less for the less demanding projects (like a 2 minute 3 piece punk-rock demo...), but we'll work that out up front during the initial discussions.

Payment is typically made in two stages during the process. After we have discussed the project, I will look at the files and provide an initial "rough mix" that will be used to plan the next steps. The payments will then be made on the following schedule:

25% Rough Mix: Progress payment is due after there is agreement on rough mix and final mix directions. The project can be ended with no payment at this stage by either party for any reason.

75% Final Mix: Remaining balance is due after there is agreement on the final mix. In most cases, 2 "recall mixes" are provided free of charge. After the final payment is received, all of the final high quality audio files will be delivered electronically.

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