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Mixing Philosophy

I like to take raw tracks and polish them into the best sounding music that it can be. I really want to work with artists to make them proud of their music, and help them get their music out there by creating a competitive mix that will stand up against everything else.

Unfortunately, a lot of music today can be quite sterile and produced to a formula. I do like to maintain the sound and feel of the real musicians and the recording, so I won’t shift everything “onto the grid”. With that being said, I can, and will, move the one or two stray hits or notes that may sneak into an otherwise flawless take.


Vocals are the most important component of the mix. Without a great vocal performance and sound, songs just will not get the attention of listening public. In most mixes, I will spend up to half the time getting the vocals right so that they sound great and sit in the mix well. For most genres, I won't reach for the auto-tune as so much of the emotion and feeling comes from the variations in pitch in the performance. However, if there is something that is detracting from the song, I will use all the tools available to just "nudge" it in the right direction.

For mixing real drums, I am often disappointed in how a lot of today’s songs have the snare and kick drum completely replaced by samples and all "feel" is removed. However, I also recognize that not everyone has great equipment and expensive mics to get a great source sound, and a great drum sound is vital to grab the listener's attention. In fact, I believe that the vocals and the drums are the two most important components of a great sounding track. So I will do as much as I can with the original drums, and then augment if it is needed, to bring it up to a modern level while maintaining the character of the performance.

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