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Who Is OziBattler?

OziBattler are dads, husbands, and musicians - screaming straight through their mid life crisis!

OziB - BandShot - Blue.png

OziBattler belts out songs that kiss like the Foo Fighters and bite hard like Social Distortion. Poking fun at the absurdity of life that’s reminiscent of The Ramones youthful rebellion, yet with all the seriousness and tenacity of Lucero in his voice.


The original OziBattler (Shane) worked in the studios of Sydney, Australia, during the era of flannel and grunge. Then life got in the way and two decades later, on the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, the world was put on pause and OziBattler discovered home recording had come a long way and started writing, recording, and releasing music again. 


The grungy punk, sounding a bit like the Offspring jamming with The Ramones in a dingy dive bar, needs to be experienced live, and with the addition of “the Happy Gnome” (Scot) on guitar and the "Beat Monkey” (Ando) on drums, OziBattler has turned into a band, released their third EP, (“Subjects For Polite Conversation” which follow “Hear Me” and “Jan 2022”) and are hitting the stages to rock out and have fun this Spring.

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