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(by OziBattler)

Woke up one morning and
Kinda felt unwell
Took my morning coffee
Which I could not smell
I knew that would mean
I could be one of those
Who wore the mask but was
still exposed


Went to the doc  to test
And see if I’m OK
She took a swab and told me
To check in a day

When we could get the jabs
I was first in line
Not like those nutters 
Who yell, scream, and whine
But now those variant farms
Have made something worse
I could be carrying the latest
Evil curse

Went to the doc to test
And see if I’m OK
She took a swab and now I’m 
Waiting for a day

So now I stare at four walls
in quarantine
not sure what is coursing through
my blood stream
thinking back through what I have done
that could be bad
it’s the waiting that will 
send me mad


Went to the doc to test
And see if I’m OK
The results are in and she called to say

You’re Positive  
You’re Positive
You’re Positive
It’s true

I’m Positive
I’m Positive
I’m Positive
I’m Screwed!


Written and recorded while in quarantine waiting for test results, this is my take on the Covid situation. Fast, fun, and to the point.

I had just got back from my first flight after lockdown, and was waiting for my Covid test results to come in before I could go out in public.


This song started with a bassline using an Octaver pedal and a fast slide pattern over a simple punk-pop beat. Next came the guitar riff that adheres to the three-chords and the truth credo of classic punk. 


The lyrics came pretty quickly after that. While I didn't have Covid, (and could smell my coffee) it wasn't a big leap to understand what it was like to be waiting for the results if I truly suspected I had Covid. 

This song is intended as a fun take on it, but Covid is serious. If you are vaccinated, you have a lot less chance of getting infected, or seriously sick. So, if you haven't yet, go get the jab! (PSA over now... back to our regular programming.)

Written, performed, recorded, and mixed by OziBatter, 2021

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