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0 - OziBattler - Subjects For Polite Conversation.png

The third EP from OziBattler shows more maturity in the song writing and production values, and tackles subjects a little more political and meaningful than previous releases.

2 -OziBattler - Your Way.png
3 - OziBattler - August Storm.png

A fast, haunting, protest song against the world’s biggest narcissist (Trump).

Roll in the dark clouds of an August Storm with this dynamic rocker.

A heavy guitar screed against the growing tendency to document rather than help.

Anti-Vaxxer? Prosperity Preacher? Gerrymandered Conspiracy Pushing Politician? You are not going to like this song. But, Darwin will prevail!

A fast, fun, love song about how love can drive you crazy.

1 - Ozibattler - My Love For You.png
4 - OziBattler - Circle 'round.png
5 - OziBattler - Darwin.png
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